Bungee Jump

I do find it funny when people scream at the sight of a harmless cockroach. Well, that my friend, is what you call fear.

I’ve never been afraid of the dark, nor spiders or any other creepy crawlers. The one thing that I fear the most is heights.

Whenever I’m at high places, my feet would just shake uncontrollably. I feel wobbly and I can’t even think straight for one second when there’s nothing beneath my feet. Why couldn’t I get a more practical fear instead, like the fear of outer space or zero gravity perhaps?

On my last vacation, I actually tried bungee jumping, regardless of my fear for heights. I could’ve sworn that none of my friends would’ve ever thought that I’d ever give bungee jumping a try once in my life.

When I made up my mind about giving bungee jump a go, one of my friends thought that I was out of my mind, or that I was actually trying to commit suicide.

I would say that the most memorable thing I had done so far was that leap of faith. I for one never thought that I had the guts to jump from 60 meters with only a rope attached to my feet. My feet were shaking and my body just wouldn’t move when I was standing on the platform.

Whoever said that you’d have to face your fear to overcome it was definitely a liar. I had faced my greatest fear and live to tell it, but the fear is still here to stay.