States, Stages and Magic

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying by Gandhi “be the change you want to see in the world”.

What he seemed to be saying was that if you want to create change in the world you first need to start with yourself. I’m going to show you how this relates to spiritual development and even magic and goes much deeper than is suggested by first appearances.

Spiritual development happens in three steps: states, stages, and magic.


Most people are familiar with the idea of entering a spiritual state, a state of heightened awareness, increased consciousness where you have a profound and moving spiritual experience.

People experience divine bliss, being “at one”, union, nirvana and being the “I Am” presence.

Altering our consciousness to achieve these heightened states forms the bedrock of most spiritual development.

Although these states are wonderful, sadly for many people when they are over they simply return to their normal consciousness and then seek to repeat this.

There’s nothing wrong with this, although it may not happen again, leaving the person feeling a constant yearning. If they do manage to find a means to repeat it regularly they may be tempted to use this state to escape the real world, which they still feel powerless to change.


Stages in spiritual development are steps along our journey where we become increasingly whole, connected, awake and aware whilst still in the world. When you have moved to the next stage on your journey you feel more confident, more connected, more at peace. Your situation and circumstances may not have changed, but you have, and your response to it has.

By healing and releasing your past pain, events no longer trigger you. This change happens at the level of the unconscious mind and requires some sophisticated healing processes to release it. Thinking positively, and using affirmations don’t work. This is because 99% of your thinking is outside of your awareness, so to make them work you would need to be thinking positively, and saying your affirmations 100% of the time. That just sounds like hard work to me, which is why techniques like Higher Self Therapy are so powerful.

When have moved to this “stage”, you can still access spiritual and heightened states but don’t use it to escape your situation, instead you use it to change yourself and your reaction to the situation. You feel increasingly more empowered, in control, at peace and centred.


Magic is an idea that seems pretty far fetched. Many people think of it in terms of Harry Potter, waving a magic wand, saying funny spells and “hingly bongly” a puff of white smoke and something happens.

In advanced mystery schools though, magic is thought of as the ability to change the outer world by changing your internal world.

It starts with the idea that we create our world with our thoughts, and that by mastering our thoughts we can change that creation.

To do this we need to change ourselves at a very deep level. This goes beyond healing and releasing our past pain in our own unconscious mind to tapping into the collective unconscious and working at the level of the higher self. Of course to do this you will need to have cleared and healed the pathways in your unconscious mind.

When you can do magic you won’t be waving wands or creating puffs of white smoke but here are some of the things you will notice.

* People no longer acting out negatively in your space

* You think about something and it shows up in your experience

* Cabs, buses, trains show up on time and easily

* People are really helpful and supportive of you, and often in very unexpected ways

* Clients, new colleagues, and mentors show up at the perfect time

* You notice changes in situations across the world

And of course, if you’re still on the planet, which means you’re still evolving and the world won’t become perfect overnight. And how boring would that be if it was.