Milo’s Mini Games for Tots and Toddlers Game Review for iPhone

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Here at Appyzilla, we’ve seen more than our fair share of apps aimed at children. Yes, we’ve perused all the best ebooks, played all the educational games, and peeped even the rarest of tele programme spin-offs. However, in all of our reviewing, we somehow managed to miss Milo’s Mini Games for Tots and Toddlers[iTunes], by Banana Apps Kids. At least until now, that is. For our full review of this engagingly cute and unceasingly inventive app for small children, check below, just beyond the break Continue reading

Bizarre Aquarium Game Review for iPhone

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Every now and then, a game wanders into the App Store and displays a truly staggering level of genius. It’s inventive, it’s wildly fun to play, and it’s so simple we’re stunned we didn’t come up with it first. Very few applications fit this quite like Bizarre Aquarium(iTunes).

Are regular aquariums too boring for you? Are you tired of the soothing lights, the fish that just sit around and do nothing? Do you wish your aquarium was more Bizarre! Well, dear reader, I can’t help you with that, since real fish are boring. But digital fish, however, can be totally bananas! And the game that lets them be totally bananas is Bizarre Aquarium Continue reading

RagazzA3 Game Review for iPhone

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If your daughter(s) or niece(s) adore dress up games, then they will surely love this app! Remember back in the old days, we used to cut a girl out of paper, and then either color them for their dresses or design the dresses and put the dresses on them? RagazzA3 (iTunes) has the same concept but without the paper and crayons. Instead, users use their fingers to dress the princess plus they can even put accessories like earrings and makeup as well. It’s tireless hours of fun for the kids and it will help them develop their creativity too Continue reading

Purrocket Game Review for iPhone

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We’ve mentioned it time and time again, but here at Appyzilla, we really enjoy a good arcade game. Anything that presents us with a challenge, as well as a sky rocketing high score roll, is right up our alley. This is why we’re stoked to be looking at Purrocket (iTunes), James Davis today. The game offers an engaging concept, and by all indications, is a the sort of title one could easily spend a couple dozen hours with Continue reading

Nifty Ninja Game Review for iPhone

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Being a ninja requires much more than looking good in black. To be a top-notch ninja, you have to be able to think quickly on your feet, stay calm and make as few mistakes as possible. Nifty Ninja (iTunes) by Fresh Apps LLC is a side-scrolling game where your objective is simple: keep your ninja aloft and guide it between a series of obstacles for as long as you can. For each obstacle you safely negotiate you get one point. Hitting an obstacle or running around ends the game. That’s it Continue reading

Crgle App Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

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Just when you think there couldn’t possibly scope for another social media platform, BLAM, in comes Crgle (iTunes). This new app lets you create short videos and share them with the iPhone app. So, how does Vine work? Well, there are two main sides to the app. These are making your own videos or watching other people’s creations. Read our Crgle app review to find out more Continue reading

SquareWords Game Review for iPhone


If you’ve been with us long here at Appyzilla, then you’re likely aware of the fact that we just adore any application that has us stringing together letters into words, words into phrases. We’ve been avid Scrabble players since time immemorial, which means we’ll try very hard to contain our giddiness as we look at SquareWords, from LET Software ApS, today. The application is a Scrabble-esque replica with a few twists. At times, it’s not quite enough to float a whole new game, but there’s still a lot to love here. And for our full review, you need only to slide on down below the break Continue reading

Peepme App Review for iPhone

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Here at Appyzilla, we tend to see an awful lot of new social media and social networking ideas. In fact, we’d like to think that we’ve seen just about all of them. However, this doesn’t mean that a cool concept doesn’t once in a while waltz across our desk. Case in point: Peepme. The app offers users a new way to interact with others, and with a little time and effort, it may yet blossom into a shining gem. And for our review, you need only to slide on down below the break Continue reading

Rage HD App Review for iPhone


Need to blow off a little steam? We’ve got you covered. This week we had the pleasure of reviewing Rage HD, a deceptively simple game from id Software. designed to help you expend some of that pent up rage. Rage HD is based on Mutant Bash TV, a television show set in the dystopian world of Rage. The first thing you will notice about the game is its absolutely stunning with well polished graphics which is the unique selling point of this game.

The game starts off in a wasteland with nothing but hungry mutants seen everywhere. Your main objective is to kill the ugly looking mutants with variety of weapons at your disposal Continue reading

Salary Book App Review for iPhone


Salary book a latest app in the app store for those who work on hourly or daily basis, the app lets you keep track of your daily/hourly wages, the timings and the days. It is so helpful especially for me, as I work countless days and always loose track of my hourly wages, how much I have been paid and how much I will be getting. This app let you do all that and more. You can even do your budgeting with the help of salary book, it lets you view the total salary paid in the week, month or even a year Continue reading