Zombies Ala Mode Review For iPhone and iPod Touch

December 8, 2010

With an humongous amount of Zombie apps on the app store, I personally feel there should be a separate category for them or a whole new section but for now let’s concentrate on a fresh zombie title called Zombies Ala Mode. Developed by Elevate Entertainment, the game revolves around a simple concept of catching falling scoops to feed the hungry undead creatures. You play the role of a young zombie kid who makes cash by working as an Ice-cream manager assistant.

The game starts off with a short tutorial explained by the manager telling you the what the icons on the screen mean and how to perform or how to keep your customers happy. The controls of the game are pretty easy to follow you just swing your iPhone in the direction the scoops are falling and touch the hands of the zombies that are in need of those frosty ice-creams and earn some money in return, if you complete your order in less amount of time, it would make those zombies happy(which doesn’t happen often) and you’ll get a bigger tip. You aim objective is to feed those hungry creatures and at the same time earning as much as cash possible. As you advance further you’ll be given larger cones to carry more and more scoops of different flavored ice-cream and at the same time you’ll need to put off items dropped by the stupid humans while earning your way through satisfying zombie customers. The money that you ean can be made in use for tip increasement and reducing the level of damage caused due to improper balancing of your money-making cone.

The graphics were the first thing that got me pulled in towards this game. The sound effects are pretty realistic and blends very well with the theme of the game. The characters are quirky specially the ice-cream stand manager(the fat guy) in the tutorial he reminds me of the ugly-eyed character in Goonies, no scary zombies though but the simple concept and rapid falling of scoops totally takes your mind off that thing.

Developed by Elevate Entertainment, Zombies Ala Mode is a joyful and exciting title for those looking for something casual but the various flaws in the game like the tap controls issue and crashes during the game makes it less happening. But avoiding that, the simple concept and fast gameplay makes it an easy management title for everyone to enjoy. Zombies Ala Mode is available for 1.99$ on the app store and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch Apps.

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